Trail Construction Program


The City of Fayetteville has a unique trails construction program geared to design and construct trails as cost efficiently and quickly as possible by performing design, property acquisition and construction in-house utilizing primarily city staff. The city trails coordinator oversees the trails construction program through the Engineering Division with support from the city surveyors, land agents and engineers. When the trail is designed and the necessary property is acquired, the 9-member city trails construction crew builds the trail as part of the Transportation Division. Once the trail is complete, the Parks and Recreation Department oversees the maintenance and event programming of completed trails. For information and maps of existing trails please visit Trails and Greenways.
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Active Transportation Plan

The Active Transportation Plan (ATP) endeavors to develop and promote an interconnected and universally accessible network of sidewalks, trails, and on-street bicycle facilities that encourage citizens to use active/non-motorized modes of transportation to safely and efficiently reach any destination.
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The Active Transportation Map illustrates the locations of existing and future shared-use paved trails and on-street bicycle facilities.
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Trail Construction Projects

Information and Maps

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Kessler Mountain Regional Park Connection Trails

The Town Branch and Cato Springs Trails will provide connectivity from the Razorback Greenway to the new Kessler Mountain Regional Park in southwest Fayetteville. The Town Branch Trail is complete and construction is well under way on the Cato Springs Trail with completion planned for winter of 2017.

Clabber Creek Trail - Rupple Road to Holcomb Elementary

The trail extension will extend from the existing section of Clabber Creek Trail at Rupple Road east to Salem Road, then northeast across Gary Hampton Softball Complex to Holcomb Elementary School. The trail length will be 0.75 miles.

The project will be complete in Spring of 2017.

Niokaska Creek Trail, Old Wire Road and Gulley Park Improvements

The Niokaska Creek Trail will extend along Old Wire Road through Gulley Park to connect to Mud Creek Trail at Old Missouri Road.  This trail will be over 3 miles in length and connect an estimated 4,000 residents within 1/4 mile of the new trail.  Construction has started on the first section along Old Wire Road from Mission Blvd. to Ash Street and design is under way on the remaining trail with construction planned to begin in early 2018. 

Mud Creek Trail Lighting

The City of Fayetteville was awarded a $500,000 Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant through the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) for installing lighting along the Mud Creek Trail.   The lights will also be installed along portions of the Razorback Greenway from the Fulbright Expressway where the lighting currently ends north to the city limit line with Johnson for a total of 3.4 miles of new trail lighting.   The lights will be energy efficient LED and the poles will be lightweight fiberglass to match the existing trail lighting. 

Installation of the trail lighting is planned to start during the summer of 2017