Rupple Road

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The Rupple Road Improvement Project is a significant piece of infrastructure on the west side of Fayetteville's Arterial Loop, a plan to create an integrated network of east/west and north/south roadways around the perimeter of the City, connected with miles of trails and sidewalks. This connecting piece of N. Rupple Road will provide a much needed arterial roadway from W. Mount Comfort Road to Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. When completed, the Rupple Road Improvement Project will improve traffic flow, serving as an alternate to the north/south route on I-49, and will complete the connectivity with the emerging trail system as well.

Two of the Rupple Road street enhancement segments are currently COMPLETE and open to traffic with the third segment anticipated to begin construction in March 2018.  For more information on the three-segment project, please refer to the links at the left of the page. An overall concept drawing can be found here.