Starting a Business in Fayetteville

Fayetteville is a progressive, business-friendly community. Fayetteville is also a great place to grow your ideas and your business. We are home to the flagship university of the University of Arkansas system and a vibrant and artistic community surrounded by the great Ozark Mountains. Also, we are a transportation hub in an area well-visited by tourists as well as home for nearly 80,000 residents who are invested in supporting local businesses. Not only do we support local businesses but we live in a region that holds the home offices of three of the world's largest corporations. Fayetteville is a top business spot because of its:
  • Nationally recognized academic achievements and school system
  • Many public parks, lakes and trails
  • Active volunteer community
  • Top dining, shopping and entertainment venues


We are glad you have your business in Fayetteville or are considering Fayetteville as the home for your business. We believe in partnerships in Fayetteville, and we consider every person and business an important part of our vibrant community. To help you reach the goals of your business, we have assembled a handbook.
How to start a business in Fayetteville, AR handbook cover photo