Workforce Development

The City of Fayetteville is growing at an average of one new business a day, providing a pipeline of talent for existing and prospective companies is a crucial priority for the City of Fayetteville. From 2000 to 2014, the City’s population grew 21% to 80,621. Fayetteville’s unique culture and impeccable quality of life has attracted a young workforce with a median age of 28 years old. The State of Arkansas’s largest college, the University of Arkansas, also calls Fayetteville Arkansas home, with a student population of 26,000. 

Furthermore, the City of Fayetteville is committed to ensuring the citizens of Fayetteville have access to the information they need to equip themselves with the skills and education needed to achieve employment at a sustainable living wage. A broad range of resources can be found right in our own back yard; from numerous apprenticeship programs, the Fayetteville Workforce Center, and Adult Education Centers.


Workforce Development Resources

University of Arkansas

Established in 1871, the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville is the flagship campus of the University of Arkansas system. With more than 26,000 students enrolled and 188 programs offered, the University of Arkansas provides a diverse workforce equipped with a broad range of skills businesses located in the City of Fayetteville. To learn more about the University of Arkansas, please visit the links below:

University of Arkansas
University of Arkansas Degrees Awarded
University of Arkansas Enrollment

Fayetteville Public School System

The Fayetteville Public School District is the first public school district chartered in Arkansas. Established in 1871, the Fayetteville Public School System was home to 9,643 students during the 2016-2017 year, along with 72 National Board Certified Teachers. To learn more about the Fayetteville Public School System, please visit the links below:

Fayetteville Public School System
2016-2017 Annual Report
School Locater (GIS)

Apprenticeship Programs

An apprenticeship is a paid profession in either a skilled trade or a specific craft. It is not only a job, but also a great educational opportunity. Apprenticeship programs provide training in some of the most in-demand jobs in the country. The Arkansas Apprenticeship Coalition is the state's leading authority for apprenticeship programs. To learn about the apprenticeship programs available in Northwest Arkansas, and throughout the state, please visit the links below:

Arkansas Apprenticeship Coalition
Training for a Greener Tomorrow

Fayetteville Workforce Center

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) was signed into law on July 22, 2014 by President Barack Obama. WIOA was created to provide state and local areas the flexibility to collaborate across systems to better address employment and skills needs of current employees, jobseekers, and employers. WIOA provides a broad range of services for eligible job seekers including free tuition for qualifying participants as well as supportive services. The Fayetteville Workforce Center is located at 2143 MLK Jr. Blvd. To learn more about the Fayetteville Workforce Center, and how WIOA can assist jobseekers and employers alike, visit the links below:

Northwest Arkansas Workforce Development Area
Arkansas Department of Workforce Services
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act  

Stephen M. Percival Adult Education Program

The Arkansas Department of Adult Education's mission is "To provide adult learners with the tools to improve and refine their academic skills, attain the General Educational Development Credential, and the life skills that prepare the citizen for self-sufficiency and improvement in the quality of life". Adult Education offers free services to help individuals obtain the skills needed to grow their educational foundation. From GED testing, English as a Second Language, and Adult Basic Education, this program is vital resource located right here in Fayetteville. The Stephen M. Percival Adult Education Program is located at 612 S. College Avenue. To learn more about the services provided by the Stephen M. Percival Adult Education Program, visit the links below:

Stephen M. Percival Adult Education Program
Arkansas Adult Education
Success Stories

Arkansas Rehabilitation Services

Arkansas Rehabilitation Service's mission is "To prepare Arkansas with disabilities to work and lead productive and independent lives". Regardless of the barrier one may face, Arkansas Rehabilitation Services offers a wide range of services to help you thrive in the workplace. ARS also assist employers through Business Engagement services. "Employers from every job sector, including federal contractors, indicate that hiring indicate that hiring individuals with disabilities helps them reduce training cost and increase job retention rates, while improving workforce diversity. Arkansas Rehabilitation Services is located at 4058 N College Avenue, Suite 150. To learn more about the services provided by ARS, please visit the links below:

Arkansas Rehabilitation Services
Field Services
Small Business Program