The Utilities Department is comprised of 4 major divisions with a common goal of providing vital city services to the citizens of Fayetteville.
These divisions operate and maintain every aspect of water supply and treatment, including administration, wastewater collection and treatment, and drinking water supply and distribution. The Utilities Department is an integral part of the City's organization. We strive to provide maximum customer service, operating without the constraints of a governing utility board. To ensure operations are efficient and effective, the Utilities Director answers directly to the City's Chief of Staff and Mayor, and relies upon the City Council to regulate guiding ordinances, resolutions, and funding approval.

Dedication to Service

The Utilities Department's highly trained City employees and CH2M contracted employees work hard to provide you with the best service possible. These employees are front line in public safety and environmental protection, ensuring our water is safe to drink and wastewater is treated to very strict standards. We are dedicated to continual improvement in every area of our organization - from customer service to operations.

Utility of the Future Award

Recipients of the inaugural Utility of the Future Today (UOTF) Recognition Program were announced on August 10, 2016. The partnership of the City of Fayetteville and CH2M join 61 other public and private utilities from across the U.S., Canada, and Denmark selected from an impressive number of first-year entries by a peer committee of water utility leaders. The submitted application can be viewed here.