Act 812

Entertainment District Background

At the October 15th meeting, the Fayetteville City Council granted staff’s request to table Item 2019-0452- Entertainment District Ordinance indefinitely. Staff requested the item be tabled without a set return date to allow for non-pressured time to work with local stake holders. The original ordinance, introduced by staff at the August 20th meeting, aimed to utilize Act 812 to accomplish three goals:

  1. Give businesses the option to have sidewalk cafés within City of Fayetteville right-of-way, in front of their business, where they could serve alcohol without building a physical barrier. Businesses would still be required to complete the sidewalk café permit in order to utilize a portion of the sidewalk in this manner.
  1. Enable event organizers the option to allow open containers of alcohol to be consumed within closed streets, removing the requirement to have “beer gardens” or designated consumption areas. Event organizers would still be required to complete the special event permit, which is reviewed by city staff, including the Fayetteville Parking Division, Fayetteville Police Department, Fayetteville Fire Department, and ultimately Mayor Jordan.
  1. Enable businesses, within an area of an approved special event permit requiring a street closure, the option to sell alcohol to event attendees who could then leave the establishment and consume the beverage within the event area. Businesses within a designated special event permit area would not be required to participate by selling alcohol for public consumption.

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