How long do I have to pay the parking ticket?
Payment is due within 14 days of the date of issue. Please be sure to include the ticket with the payment so that it will be applied properly.

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1. I received a ticket on the Square, but I was not there over two hours. Why did I receive the ticket?
2. I arrived at my car just as the Enforcement Officer was issuing me a ticket. Why can’t the officer void the ticket?
3. How long do I have to pay the parking ticket?
4. My parking ticket is due today. May I make a payment over the phone or online?
5. I have a Hang Tag and parked at a red-top meter but still received a ticket. Why?
6. I have a Hang Tag but forgot to put it on my rearview mirror. Can my ticket be forgiven?
7. I received a ticket in the Pay and Display lot. If I bring my receipt from the lot in, will you void the ticket?
8. I mistakenly paid the wrong meter. Can my ticket be voided?
9. I received a ticket that says Against the Flow. Is it a mistake?